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Mon, 09/07/2012

Τhe Italian Army has chosen MOBISPA 60 by Spanos Industries S.A to be its first ever mobile concrete batching plant.

MOBISPA 60 has been proven to be the only plant that could cover the strict specifications and fulfill every single infrastructural requirement.

Its unlimited mobility, rapid installation, top quality standards and full compliance with all European manufacturing, traffic and safety regulations, rank MOBISPA 60 as the best choice for high end users worldwide.

The first MOBISPA 60 plant has already been delivered to the Italian Army, initiating the beginning of a significant cooperation.


Mobispa 60   Mobispa 60

The Mobile Concrete Batching Plant MOBISPA-60 is loaded on a 2 axle semi-trailer, fully united with the batching plant. All the necessary systems for storage, operation, weighing, transport and mixture are already assembled and connected, making the plant fully autonomous and “ready to work”.

MOBISPA-60 is easy to transport and simple, fast to install. This is essential for the production of high standard concrete within a few hours time. No special job site preparations and special foundations are required.

The Mobile Concrete Batching Plant MOBISPA-60, has been primarily fully developed by  SPANOS Industries S.A. and is patented based on the ΟΒΙ 2006/0100625 certificate.

Aiming to meet the highest quality standards, SPANOS Industries is using worldwide reputable components manufactured by globally renowned suppliers.

The plant is accompanied by detailed Use & Maintenance Manual, analytical and coded Spare Parts Catalogue and electrical drawings mapping, translated in many languages.


Download  Commercial Video for MOBISPA60
Download Technical Video for MOBISPA60
Download Real Time Installation Video for MOBISPA60
Download  Installation Design Video for MOBISPA60
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